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Commercial Foundation Repair Services

Bring your commercial structure into compliance and meet strict commercial codes by ensuring your building’s foundation isn’t damaged. R&R Foundation Specialist is committed to providing businesses with integral foundation stabilization and repair so you can operate your business with peace of mind.

Commercial Foundation Solutions

R&R Foundation Specialist is committed to providing businesses with integral foundation stabilization and repair so you can operate your business with peace of mind. Our fully licensed and insured contractors will work closely with you and your property management to bring your commercial structure into compliance and meet strict commercial codes by ensuring your building’s foundation isn’t damaged. Our team will identify the damage and provide expert solutions to stabilize your foundation and address all structural issues related to settling floors and slabs, cracked concrete, and sinking foundations. Our goal is to bring comfort to your commercial business and customers.

Commercial Foundation Repairs:

  • Weight bearing Ideal Group pier systems
  • Stabil-Loc systems
  • Pre-construction piering solutions
  • Seismic retrofit piering solutions
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Concrete stabilization
  • Crack refinement and repair

Jobsite Safety:

  • Fully licensed and insured contractors
  • Up-to-date and routine safety training
  • Professionally inspected products prior to installation
  • Scaffolding, fall protection, and personal protection gear following OSHA requirements
  • Guaranteed safe and productive jobsites

Business to Business Quality:

  • Top quality service for your business and commercial property
  • All of our services are licensed and insured
  • We comply with high industry standards and codes
  • Professionally checked and expert-led projects
  • We ensure you’re satisfied and confident in your business investment

Are You Looking for Commercial Structural Repair Services in Washington State?

From precast or cast-in-place structures to CMU block construction, commercially built concrete members can last a long time when properly cared for, however they are still subject to deterioration over time. It is essential to address concrete deterioration and take care of any signs of structural cracks as soon as possible. If left unaddressed these cracks can progressively get worse and lead to higher overall repair costs.

At R&R Foundation Specialist we utilize state-of-the-art technology, precise non-destructive inspection methods, and leading local engineering expertise to strengthen your commercial structure. Whether your building is in Greater Seattle, or elsewhere in Western Washington, or in Greater Vancouver, BC, you can rely on R&R to safely repair your commercial building.

We Are Trusted Experts In:

Foundation Underpinning & Stabilization

R&R installs high strength steel piers capable of stabilizing commercial structures. Our steel helical piers are drilled deep into the ground beneath the foundation until they reach a solid soil layer. These commercial grade steel safely underpin and stabilize your commercial structure, which can prevent further sinking and subsequent damage from occurring. Our specialized foundation underpinning systems are guaranteed to prevent any further settlement of the structure and preserve your investment.

Structural Crack Repair

R&R offers structural preservation services for the protection of damaged, deteriorated, or defective concrete on all types of buildings and structures. Whether it is structural cracks in parking garages, seismic upgrades, or retaining wall reinforcement and column repair, we are the premier contractor for all your commercial restoration needs.

Structural Strengthening & Seismic Upgrades

When additional strength needs to be added to the structure for increased load capacity or seismic requirements, our team of restoration experts are trained to install commercial grade carbon fiber to permanently reinforce the structure and bring it up to local code standards. When installed by our trained professionals, this advanced commercial reinforcement system significantly increases the strength of the concrete structure.

Concrete Leveling & Lifting

If you notice the concrete around your commercial building is slowly sinking and cracking, R&R offers structural foam leveling services. Our structural foam injection is a much more affordable and time-efficient solution compared to complete concrete replacement. Our team has used our concrete leveling services to level sidewalks, driveways, patios, pool decks, garages, steps, and parking lots on commercial properties all over the greater Seattle and Western Washington.

Commercial Property Foundation Stabilization

Foundation Stabilization & Repair Services for Concrete Structures at Commercial Properties


R&R Foundation Specialist provides full residential and commercial foundation repair services to ensure your home and business stay safe and stable. Our experts specialize in foundation crack repair, basement waterproofing, chimney repair, bowed wall stabilization, seismic strengthening, crawl space repair, crack refinement, concrete repair, retaining wall maintenance, and CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) solutions. Our team provides expert foundation repair in Seattle,  Tacoma, Olympia, Monroe, Auburn, Everett, Bellingham, Poulsbo, throughout Western Washington, and in Greater Vancouver, BC!

Structural Column Repair

Carbon fiber is a popular method of repair for concrete columns and other structural components. These components are constructed with rebar to provide the necessary tensile capacity for the intended loads. Wrapping columns horizontally with carbon fiber reinforcement polymer will provide additional confining strength and added load carrying capacity.

Structural Column Failures:

When components have begun to deteriorate or when increased load carrying capacities are required, carbon fiber can be used to add additional tensile capacity to these components allowing them to carry greater loads.

Increased Load Capacity:

On columns where both vertical and horizontal strengthening is required but the bidirectional does not provide a sufficient increase in the capacity, two layers of the SRS-600UNI can also be use and will provide increased capacities for the component.

Parking Garage Slab Reinforcement

Carbon fiber is an effective method for repair and strengthening of structural slabs. These slabs are typically constructed with rebar and in some cases post tensioning cables which provide the necessary tensile capacity to support the intended loads. If the service loads are increased or if some of the post tensioning tendons are damaged or broken, additional methods of providing the required tensile capacity are needed.

The ability to mount the carbon fiber reinforcement polymer externally, while not losing any head room or adding significant weight to the structure makes it an effective solution for these types of repairs.

Common applications include:

  • Change of Use/Load Increases
  • Insufficient or Deteriorated Reinforcing Steel
  • Broken or Damaged PT Cables
Commercial Foundation Repair Services - Parking Garage Slab Reinforcement Using Carbon Fiber Polymer Reinforcement Solutions

Beam Strengthening

Carbon fiber reinforcement polymer is an effective means to reinforce and strengthen concrete beams. If a structural beam has been damaged, deteriorated, or needs to withstand an increased load, carbon fiber can be used to add the necessary tensile capacities at the required locations.

The shear capacity of a beam can be increased by providing “U” wraps on the end sections of the beam where shear values are greatest. The flexural capacity of the beam can be increased by running a unidirectional fabric along the underside of the beam. These methods can be used with rectangular beam sections, T beam sections, I beam section or virtually any other configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of commercial structures does R&R repair?

From industrial warehouses to multi-use buildings, such as retail, restaurants, hotels, and parking garages, R&R Foundation Specialist offers structural repair solutions for every type of commercial structure.

Are visible cracks in a commercial concrete building a cause for concern?

Often structural cracks in commercial structures are the result of ongoing foundation settlement from unstable soil conditions. If left unaddressed, these cracks can worsen, further compromising the safety of the building, potentially exposing the public to these inherent risks.

What is involved in a structural inspection?

By carrying out a thorough inspection process, our goal is to carefully determine the root cause of the structural damage. By considering the entire building envelope, our inspectors and structural design technicians can propose an effective solution that addresses the root cause of the problem(s). Once these structural issues and their cause are identified using non-destructive testing methods, a repair solution is developed. Depending on the scope of work, the repair proposal is typically approved by a local outside engineering company for approval. Upon approval, the project is scheduled, the necessary permits are pulled and a timeline for completion is provided for the proposed work.

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