Fix Bowed Basement Walls

Based out of the Seattle area, R&R Foundation Specialist is your local professional for restoring basement walls that may be bowed, cracked or deteriorated due to a damaged foundation.

Our innovative tie-back system uses a horizontal rod and an anchor screwed into the soil to stabilize and level out walls that are tilted, leaning or bowed – which typically happens due to soil and water pressure pressing against basement walls. R&R installs these tie-back systems throughout Western Washington, providing the structural security and reinforcement your home needs.

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Save time and money and contact us today to find out more about our tie-back system to repair your bowed basement walls today. From Tacoma to Bellevue, Kirkland to Port Orchard, and Olympia to Bellingham – we’re proud to be the foundation repair and concrete contractor offering you the most affordable and innovative repair solutions in the Seattle area when it comes to fixing bowed walls.

Advantages of the Tie-Back System:

  • Supports and reinforces structurally deficient basement walls and foundations
  • Provide vertical support and additional strength for a home to resist seismic loads
  • Minimal to no excavation
  • Fast installation process
  • More cost-effective than concrete

Bowed Wall Stabilization

Block or CMU walls fail for several reasons, ranging from lack of reinforcing steel to excessive loads. When a wall bows, the tensile strength of rebar will not be effectively transferred to the wall. Even in cases where the walls are constructed properly, expansive clay soils can still cause bowing.

Carbon fiber is an effective reinforcement solution for bowed walls because it has little to no elongation. As long as it is appropriately bonded to the concrete or masonry substrate, it will not stretch and will only fail if the capacity of the strap is reached.

Composite straps exhibit a design tensile strength of over 40,000 pounds, which in most cases will provide the resistance needed to stop movement related to the external soil pressure.

If you have seen signs of bowed walls and need an expert opinion in Seattle or throughout Western Washington, contact our team today for a free estimate!

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