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Leaning or Settling Chimney Repair

Leaning chimney repair is the process of fixing or stabilizing a chimney that is tilting or leaning, typically caused by foundation issues or weather damage.

Chimney Repair Solutions

If your chimney is leaning, tilted, or separating from your home, it may be a sign of serious foundation problems. Leaning or cracked chimneys can be caused by several things, including poor supporting soils or inadequate chimney footings. Over time, these problems can intensify, putting your home at risk.

One thing to keep in mind is that structural issues with your chimney can be a symptom of a bigger foundation problem. At R&R Foundation Specialist, we specialize in all things foundation repair – including chimneys. Using state-of-the-art helical piers, we can stabilize your chimney and keep the integrity of your home’s foundation safe.

Signs That Your Chimney is in Need of Repair:

  • Leaning or tilted chimney
  • Gaps between the chimney and home
  • Sunken chimney stack
  • Cracks where the chimney foundation meets the home foundation

Leaning Chimney Repair Solution:

  • Foundation repair and stabilization
  • Helical push pier foundation support
  • Yard drainage systems

If your chimney or smokestack shows any of these signs, call R&R Foundation Specialist for a free evaluation! We are proud to be your foundation, concrete, and chimney repair expert all around Western Washington, including Seattle, Everett, Tacoma, Kirkland, Sammamish, Bellingham, and beyond, as well as in Greater Vancouver, BC!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my chimney leaning?

Possible causes your chimney has detached from the house or a reason that your chimney is leaning could be:

  1. Soil Settlement. The earth can move and inherently settles. This ongoing process can cause settlement to foundations and chimney components.
  2. Poor construction. A chimney that is improperly designed or poorly constructed can begin to lean and eventually detach itself from the house.
  3. Aging Construction. Prolonged exposure to the elements in Western Washington can over time cause deterioration in the chimney and compromise its structural integrity.

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