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Home Foundation Repair

Improve the stability and safety of your home’s foundation. R&R’s team of experts provide residential foundation repair services in Seattle, Tacoma, and throughout Western Washington, as well as in Greater Vancouver, BC.


Foundation repair is the process of fixing or stabilizing a damaged foundation, typically caused by settlement, cracking, or shifting soil.

Retaining & Seawall

Retaining wall and seawall repair involves fixing or reinforcing walls that retain soil or water, typically due to erosion or structural damage.

Leaning Chimney

Leaning chimney repair is the process of fixing or stabilizing a chimney that is tilting or leaning, typically caused by foundation issues or weather damage.

Basement Wall

Basement wall stabilization is the process of reinforcing or strengthening a weakened or damaged basement wall, typically caused by soil pressure or water damage.


Basement waterproofing is the process of preventing water from entering a basement or crawl space, typically through the use of sealants, drainage systems, and sump pumps.


Seismic Strengthening is the process of reinforcing a building’s structure to better withstand earthquakes, typically by adding seismic-resistant features.

Expert Structural Engineers & Foundation Repair Contractors You Can Trust

With the ability to test soil stability and analyze variable geological loads, such as impact from snow, rain, wind, and earthquakes, structural engineers survey the site and provide crucial support to stabilize your home. Our team of experts ensure your foundation is structurally sound and offer you integral insights on your property’s foundation status with fair, honest estimates on work. R&R proudly dedicates our team to the quality and care of your property and provide free estimates with no obligation or hidden fees and never ask you to pay for unnecessary construction.

Signs Your Foundation Needs Repair:

  • Cracked drywall and basement walls
  • Settling or cracking in floors
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Leaning or cracked chimney
  • Foundation settlement or sinking
  • Sloped or uneven floors
  • Windows and doors that are stuck or don’t open properly
  • Gaps between the floor and home
  • Bowed or buckling walls

Causes of Foundation Damage:

  • Flooding, heavy rain, and water damage
  • Large trees with growing or expanding roots
  • Expansive soil exerting pressure
  • Consolidating soil that has compacted and undermined foundation
  • Evaporating water causing soil to contract
  • Low quality soil or neglected soil maintenance
  • Poor drainage and clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Poor construction planning and cheap building materials
  • Plumbing leaks

Residential Foundation Repair Solutions:

  • Foundation Piling Systems including Pin Piles, Eccentric Push Piers, Eccentric Helical Piles, and Concentric Push Piers
  • Our innovative tie-back system and ground anchors
  • Crawl space support and foundational wall repair
  • Our foundation repair specialists at R&R provide free interior and exterior estimates at your location with no-obligation or hidden fees and we don’t charge you for unnecessary construction

Residential Foundation Repair

Stabilization & Repair Services for Concrete Foundations


R&R Foundation Specialist is committed to providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We are dedicated to the safety and stability of your home. We offer a comprehensive range of residential foundation repair services, ensuring that your home is safe, functional, and structurally sound.

Our experts specialize in restoration, related poly lifting, basement waterproofing, chimney repair, bowed wall stabilization, seismic strengthening, crack refinement, retaining wall restoration, and carbon fiber structural reinforcement solutions.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians. We service residents throughout Western Washington, from the Greater Seattle Area, including Tacoma and Everett, to Olympia, Bellingham, and beyond — as well as across the border in Greater Vancouver, BC.

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