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Commercial Foundation Repairs in the Seattle Area

Timing is critical! At the first sign of a commercial building foundation failure, action must be taken. Although a private home is just as important, commercial codes are stricter when bringing a commercial structure into compliance. Our experts are skilled in fast and effective repair services that will address your sunken, cracked or crumbling foundation issues. Key indicators of foundation damage may be bowed or cracked walls, and windows and doors that are hard to open or shut. Contact us from anywhere in the Greater Seattle area to talk about your business’ property. Our experts provide reliable service throughout Western Washington, from Tacoma to Everett, Kirkland to Snohomish, Port Orchard to Olympia, and beyond.


Weights are often critical in solidifying a commercial foundation. Our skilled workers, specialists, and state-of-the-art weight bearing Ideal Group pier systems and Stabil-Loc systems ensure top quality service and are specialized depending on what your project requires.

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Structural Column Repair

Carbon fiber is a popular method of repair for concrete columns and other structural components. These components are constructed with rebar to provide the necessary tensile capacity for the intended loads. Wrapping columns horizontally with carbon fiber reinforcement polymer will provide additional confining strength and added load carrying capacity.


When components have begun to deteriorate or when increased load carrying capacities are required, carbon fiber can be used to add additional tensile capacity to these components allowing them to carry greater loads.


On columns where both vertical and horizontal strengthening is required but the bidirectional does not provide a sufficient increase in the capacity, two layers of the SRS-600UNI can also be use and will provide increased capacities for the component.

Parking Garage Slab Reinforcement

Carbon fiber is an effective method for repair and strengthening of structural slabs. These slabs are typically constructed with rebar and in some cases post tensioning cables which provide the necessary tensile capacity to support the intended loads. If the service loads are increased or if some of the post tensioning tendons are damaged or broken, additional methods of providing the required tensile capacity are needed.

The ability to mount the carbon fiber reinforcement polymer externally, while not losing any head room or adding significant weight to the structure makes it an effective solution for these types of repairs.


  • Change of Use/Load Increases
  • Insufficient or Deteriorated Reinforcing Steel
  • Broken or Damaged PT Cables

Beam Strengthening

Carbon fiber reinforcement polymer is an effective means to reinforce and strengthen concrete beams. If a structural beam has been damaged, deteriorated, or needs to withstand an increased load, carbon fiber can be used to add the necessary tensile capacities at the required locations.

The shear capacity of a beam can be increased by providing “U” wraps on the end sections of the beam where shear values are greatest. The flexural capacity of the beam can be increased by running a unidirectional fabric along the underside of the beam. These methods can be used with rectangular beam sections, T beam sections, I beam section or virtually any other configuration.

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